There's lots of news this month! First and foremost, the new iPad has been announced and will start to arrive at the end of this week. If you haven't yet ordered yours or you're "on the fence", we'll discuss all the new features and we'll try to help you make a decision one way or the other. It looks really cool, though!

A bunch of software updates have enhanced both the iPhone and iPad with iOS 5.1. We'll go over how to get this update (you don't need a computer!) and what it brings. We're discovering new little things each day.

iPhoto for iOS has been released and it rounds out Apple's iLife suite for iOS. We'll show it off and show you how you can replace some functionality for the defunct MobileMe Web Photo Galleries. And, we'll have a really cool surprise application that will change how we can demo software for the group. This is something you might want to get for yourself!

We'll also talk about Mountain Lion coming out this summer and what implications it might have for you and your Macs. And, of course, we'll go over some current events in the OS X world as well as review some cool Mac & iOS apps and leave some time for Q&A.

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