Do you know about some of the hidden and less obvious features in macOS?  Some features have been around for years and some are relatively newer but, in both cases, there are some powerful gems that aren't talked about that much that can really help you be more productive on your Mac. This month, we'll expose many of these and teach you how to become more of a Mac expert than you ever thought possible. Make sure to take notes on these as there will be many!
And, of course, we'll go over some other current events in the macOS world as well as review some cool Mac & iOS apps and leave some time for Q&A.
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Photography on iOS has completely changed the game in the photo world. The phrase "the best camera is the one you have with you" takes on a completely different meaning when your iPhone's camera is always within arm's reach. Not only will we go over all the ins and outs of using the Camera app, but we'll also review getting images in and out of your iOS devices from other sources (digital cameras, SD cards, web sites, etc.). In addition to all that, we'll also review several other camera applications that go way beyond what Apple provides that allow you tweak your settings (aperture, shutter speed, ISO, filters, etc.) like you would with a more traditional camera.  This will help make your iPhone or iPad a true digital darkroom.

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