We’ll talk over the latest news in the Apple world for Mac and iOS, as well as the following topics:
1. Need a new router? Are Apple’s products End Of Life? How do I know what to buy?
2. Where can I ACTUALLY put folders? Can I put them in the Applications folder?
3. How to determine which album a photo is in and which photos are not in any albums in Photos.
4. Parental Controls for iOS devices and device management.
5. Help for the elderly using the Mac and iOS.
6. Getting power when there is no power coming through the grid. Batteries, generators and solar power.
7. Preparing a device for sale. How to know all your data is gone and it’s no longer associated with you or any of your accounts.
8. Need a new MBP? Should it be the current version or a generation ago to get old style USB ports?
9. Translations in general, and Ancient Greek in particular.
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