Since people are using iOS devices more and more and they want to store documents on them for reference or need to edit them as they would on a notebook while on the road, it's really important to know how to get documents onto your iPad and iPhone. There are many apps that allow you to manage your documents (word processing, spreadsheets, PDFs, graphics, etc.) and it's important to know how to get them onto your iPhone or iPad in many different ways -- it's a lot easier than you thought and it doesn't always require a tethered computer. We'll talk about using iTunes file sharing, WiFi sharing, WebDAV, downloading directly from Internet servers and even FTP!  Found a video reference on YouTube or Vimeo that you'd like to carry around with you? There are apps to do that too!  More importantly, we'll review the best ways to share documents between apps as you might want to use one to transfer documents and another to store them.

In addition to all this, presenting from an iPad and iPhone is very cool. Of course, there's Apple's Keynote on OS X and iOS but there are other apps like Haiku that make creating great looking presentations on iOS a snap. We'll go over all this too.

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