Portable Digital Photography!!  There have been SO many advances in digital photography in the last few years, it's almost like a whole new medium compared to just three or four years ago.  With the advent of much larger CCDs (charge coupled devices), greater Megapixels and more powerful lenses, the images we can capture are incredible with the newer cameras. Built-in hi-def video, HDR (high dynamic range), panorama features, and other concepts are things we'll go over and we'll have some newer state-of-the-art cameras to talk about how all this is done. If you're looking to get a new camera, this month's meeting will certainly help you pick out the features important to you.

Still not on the social network bandwagon? We'll spend some time talking about the different networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and others. You certainly don't have to be on all of them but you should be on at least one to know what all the hee-haw is about and how you can benefit as a Mac user. Apple thinks it's so important that they're building Twitter support in iOS and the forthcoming Mountain Lion. We'll also talk about some of the newer apps for iOS and OS X that can connect to these networks to give you the best experience.

And, of course, we'll go over some current events in the OS X world as well as review some cool Mac & iOS apps and leave some time for Q&A.

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