So, the big news is that Mountain Lion is here!! Last month, we talked about getting prepared for Mountain Lion and making sure that you've not only got up-to-date software but whether your Mac would run Mountain Lion at all. This month, we'll dive in to Mountain Lion and show you all the ins and outs of this new cat! We'll also review some little known tips that we're uncovering that haven't been widely discussed. If you're about to jump on the Mountain Lion bandwagon, you'll definitely want to know what all the hoopla is about!

Also, continuing a bit on our photography theme, we'll show what might possibly be the best point and shoot camera made -- the Sony RX100. We'll also discuss management of images in iPhoto. We've often come across very large iPhoto libraries that have become slow, unwieldy and difficult to manage. We've also come across situations where people have stored their images in multiple iPhoto libraries -- often across multiple Macs! We've got some great techniques and tools to help you overcome iPhoto nightmares including dealing with duplicate images that are just taking up room. This will be great way to learn more about iPhoto, too!

And, of course, we'll go over some current events in the OS X world as well as review some cool Mac & iOS apps and leave some time for Q&A.

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